Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

The children love to play with cartoon characters coloring pages, especially if they find their favorite characters on them. For example, either boys or girls, the kids are forever in love with the Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse. Walt Disney is a legend, and all of us are familiar with his amazing characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip, Daisy, Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, Clarabelle. Looking for coloring pages for the children passionate for Mickey and Minnie, were a lot of drawings are expecting to be downloaded in order catch live under the kids’ little, active and imaginative hands. The happy couple of cute little mouse are present here in many hypostasis: dancing, acting, reading, smiling and playing, singing. Minnie is preferred by the girls who are wearing dresses with her face on them, while Mickey is boys’ cartoon friend and they have all kinds of toys with the smart little talking mouse. wearing a princess’ dress is going to be a delight for a little girl who is going to spend precious time coloring it. The dress may be a special creation because the kid can use his imagination, matching the colors that he or she consider appropriate. In the same time, two or three printed pages with the same image can become a fashion creation contest, the winner having the honor of becoming Minnie’s personal stylist. The coloring pages with both Minnie and Mickey can be successfully used in a group or a family where are both boys and girls, without any of them getting upset. As they see Minnie and Mickey getting along so well, being such good friends, solving all kinds of stuff together, these characters are going to become a source of inspiration for the kids’ future behavior. Just print a few coloring pages with your kid’s favorite and he is going to be happy, using his imagination when coloring it, but he is also going to improve his talking when discussing about Mickey’s and Minnie’s special adventures around the colorful world from the Clubhouse.