The differences between OxyHives and prescribed antihistamines

Though there are many things humans have power over, allergies remind us that we cannot keep everything under control. When you do not see them coming, outbreaks occur to twist your plans. Antihistamines are the most common prescription from your doctor, but these target the symptoms and not the real cause. OxyHives manages to eliminate the symptoms but also the cause of your allergies in a healthy way.


More details about prescribed antihistamines


OxyHives and prescribed antihistaminesWhen your immune system identifies a threatening, it sends a substance called histamine into your body to annihilate the enemy, so to say. However, when the threatening is a false alarm, this chemical harms your body, determining the appearance of urticaria. At first glance, it makes sense to use antihistamines to treat your condition. Nonetheless, as NIH mentions, antihistamines common side effects reside in difficulty to focus, digestive problems and liver damage. Besides all these, you should know that these medications treat the itch, redness but not the root of your condition. treats skin allergies in-depth to increase your life quality permanently.

Since antihistamines treat only the signs, hives might reappear in a more severe form than the previous one. OxyHives will not allow the recurrence of allergies. Once applied under your tongue, it will reach the affected parts of your body through blood flow. After that, this heals the burnings and reliefs the severe itch that you are experiencing. The product continues to strengthen your immune system until it can identify the false allergen and inhibit the release of histamine. In this way, this remedy helps your body treat the disease by itself after impaired immunity has been healed.


What are the differences between OxyHives and prescribed antihistamines?


OxyHives is a better option than antihistamines because it is 100% safe for your health.  Medications harm your body if taken for a longer period whereas this sublingual spray made of natural ingredients is harmless for your body. Lachesis and Ichthyolum are used within this treatment to relief burnings. These have been used by our ancestors to treat various types of skin condition. Urtica Urens has remarkable antiseptic properties that are essential in treating the affected areas of your skin.


If you decided to give it a try, the homeopathic spray is available directly from the supplier, who guarantees its quality. Additionally, you will be surprised to see its reasonable price and the discounts you can benefit of.  Antihistamines affect your liver, and their long-term results might be disappointing. On the contrary, OxyHives keeps your body healthy and brings long lasting results. Allergies are efficiently prevented and your daily experience will be more fulfilled than before. Make the most of your existence without the stress of outbreaks.


Choose OxyHives instead of antihistamines if you want to treat hives naturally. This sublingual spray will cure allergies without compromising your health. Moreover, with this organic remedy urticaria will be healed fast, in no more than several weeks. Having a healthy body is the first condition that has to be met to have a joyful life with many accomplishments.

Natural hives treatment

hives picture 1 Hives, also known as urticaria, are pale red round welts and rash formed when plasma finds its way into the skin and whose stinging sensation itch terribly. Their causes, although not very well known, include allergic reactions to food, mostly nuts and eggs, resulting from the body releasing histamines and causing acute urticaria, lasting less than six weeks or chronic urticaria which is caused by nonallergic causes and lasts more than 6 weeks. Other allergic reactions resulting to hives include the use of drugs for example aspirin and penicillin. Continued exposure to a lot of heat or the sun may also result to hives but last less than an hour. Extreme cold or exposing your body to windy conditions may also cause hives. Some people may also develop hives commonly known us exercise urticaria which results from the individual exercising, most commonly jogging. Most of the hives can be treated permanently with Oxyhives.
Since almost everyone is at risk of developing hives, the question about hives treatment is rather important to us. every person wants to know which is the best treatment for hives so as to avoid the pain and the discomfort they bring. It is rather sad that some people are resistant to treatment and require the development of new treatment methods to treat hives. This brings us to seeking natural treatment.
One of the best natural treatment is pressing the hives with a wet cold paper towel for about 10 minutes. This reduces the pain and the swelling. Repeat the procedure every two to three hours. In cases when the inflammation is severe, take a cold bath and cover the areas affected in water for 30 minutes.
Ginger, is a herb that works wonders in hives treatment. Cut off the skin of the ginger and smear the flesh on the inflamed skin. Ginger may also be used as a pill or added to food. More about hives can be found here:
Since hives may be caused by production of histamines, taking in herbal antihistamines may help in their treatment. Some of the herbal antihistamines include Basil leaves, which are heated in steam and applied on the hives, the stinging nettle, which may be freeze-dried and added to food or tea is also a natural inhibitor of histamine production.
Aloe Vera, another plant that has been a favorite to dermatologists, is a sure way to hives treatment. Its use in treating the hives involves applying its juice on the affected area, it acts as a prevention to having the hives spread to other unaffected areas as it helps in the treatment of the hives.
Green tea may not be a favorite to us, but it is another effective way of combating hives. Use of this kind of tea is not only healthy, but also helps in prevention of histamine production. Its preparation is easy and only a teaspoon of the herbs is used for every cup of water, the tea bags may or may not contain caffeine.
Use of harpagophytum procumbens, the devil’s claw, also reduces the lesions. However, people diagnosed with diabetes are discouraged from using it.