A man’s opinion on statutory maternity pay

We all agree with the fact that statutory maternity pay offers numerous benefits to mothers and pregnant women. Even an influential person such as David Azzato recognizes the importance of bonding time with baby in the first few months. As the father of three beautiful children and businessman as well, he knows that the life of his children would have been completely different if the mother wouldn’t have benefited of the maternity leave.

Things you need to know about maternity pay

Women who want to qualify for the statutory maternity pay must have worked for the employer continuously for at least 26 weeks. In addition to this, they must have worked part time or full time up to the 15 weeks before the expected week of birth, otherwise they are not eligible for maternity pay. David Azzato was often heard saying that the amount paid – at least £109 per week – is barely enough for most of the people, but he was fortunate to earn money due to his ideas and efforts put into it.

But here is how you can actually benefit of statutory maternity pay: you must provide proof of pregnancy from your doctor or midwife – this document is issued about 20 weeks before you are due to give birth – and give the correct notice period, too. You must remember that the statutory maternity period is a minimum of almost a month prior to when you want it to start and you will also have to inform your employer about this and in terms of the finish dates of payments.

Statutory maternity pay or shared parental leave?

Some couples opt for shared parental leave, but David Azzato could not leave his businesses in the hands of his co-workers. Although he could have opted to stay home with the baby and split the remaining maternity leave that he had between him and his spouse, he knew that things will be harder and more challenging after the period of break. He did not opted for this vacation to stay with the child and his successes thrived constantly due to his work.

It is not uncommon for women to encounter problems in receiving the statutory maternity pay. If some of them have issues with the employers, who do not want to give the statutory maternity pay form, others do not know that they have to send the letter with the proof of pregnancy issued by the doctor or midwife 21 days before starting the payment.

How can you actually solve these problems?

When your boss does not want to offer you the SMP form, you need to complain. David Azzato’s advice is to talk with your boss and try to obtain a written explanation. Speak to your employers if you have more than one boss and make a formal complaint to signal this problem. Any mother should benefit of the statutory maternity pay, so call HM Revenue and Customs employee’s enquiry line in case you experience any problem regarding the receipt of this payment.